• Fantasy

    Slow burn romances, political intrigue, and brutal magic systems

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    A young heiress set to inherit her mother's empire falls for an enslaved insurrectionist

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    A telekinetic executioner stumbles upon a woman who looks strikingly similar to his lost love

  • Horror

    Action-packed plots, atmospheric settings, & horrifying monsters

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    A dark fantasy adventure filled with horror, eerie monsters, and a deadly mystery to solve.

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    An unlikely pair crash land

    on a flooded planet

    full of alien ruins to explore and hungry sea creatures lurking below

  • Romance

    Clean, bubbly love stories, comedy, & friendship

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    A high school graduate realizes she's the side character in a cheesy romance and decides to upend the author's plans.

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    Cooper can see ghosts and is horrified by them, but one of them won't leave him alone no matter how much salt he throws at her

  • Science Fiction

    Character-driven dilemmas, dystopian worlds, & alien invasions

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    Humanity was wiped out by an oceanic parasite. It's up to cowardly Indi and 99 other children to retake their homeworld

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  • About Jaysee Jewel

    Jaysee writes fantasy, horror, (soft) science fiction, and clean romance. When she isn't reading and writing, she can be found playing video games or cuddling her grumpy cat and geckos.  

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